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How To Get Jewelry Manufactured?

Aug 26, 2023
How To Get Jewelry Manufactured?

Many of the sellers like to get their own designs of jewelry manufactured for sale or in simple words, custom jewelry. However, finding the best jewelry manufacturer for your custom order is a misery. You have to consider a number of things such as the quality and cost of the jewelry.


We will go through a number of steps before we find the most suitable wholesale jewelry manufacturer for you.

What To Keep In Mind?

While you are going through different wholesale jewelry manufacturers, you must consider comparing the costs and reviews of different custom jewelry wholesalers. When you go through different prices, you will recognize the differences. Anyway, you don't have to put that much effort because here we are to answer.


Maroth Jewels is the best recognized custom jewelry wholesaler which you can choose to get jewelry manufactured. Not just the jewelry is affordable with them but also the quality is unmatchable. It is obvious that the jewelry must be in good shape and quality for it to sell. Maroth Jewels provides the quality which a seller looks for.

How Much Variety Of Designs & Metals Do Maroth Jewels Have?

Maroth Jewels have a huge variety of metals, plating, and jewelry designs. The major variety of plating is there including yellow gold, oxidized, white gold, white, rose gold etc. At Maroth Jewels, you also get a wide variety of metals such as 14k gold, 22k gold, silver, platinum, and many more precious metals.

If you are looking for what designs you can get at Maroth Jewels then here you have them. Counting from pave diamond, to gemstone diamond, rose cut diamond, moissanite jewelry and many others.

What Jewelry Types Do Maroth Jewels Have?

Maroth Jewels everything from rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, charms, enhancers, carabiner locks to bangles. In addition, anything that you want to be manufactured comes in a variety of designs, metals, and gemstones.


For example, their pendants come in the pave diamond design as well as in the rose cut diamond design. At the same time when you get diamonds, you get other gemstones as well. Thus, you get a whole pack of variety at Maroth Jewels.

The Process: How Is Jewelry Manufactured At Maroth Jewels?

The whole process of jewelry manufacturing consists of several steps such as creating the sample model and cutting the stones if the jewelry needs them. Anyway the whole process is a bit complicated and lengthy so it needs to be explained.

1.  Design

If you already have your own designs for the jewelry to be manufactured, Maroth Jewels will make the jewelry according to you. If you don't, the wholesaler's team will do it for you.

2.  Wax Models

Once you approve the design created, our craftsmen will create a wax model of the same to make sure that the jewelry looks the same as you want it to be. This step is crucial for all the minute details of the jewelry pieces.

3.  Mold & Creations

Now finally, our craftsmen start creating your actual pieces of jewelry with the metal you desired while doing the plating, casting, and filling. 

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You can choose the plating according to your own choice. We have a variety of them which cannot be mentioned all here.

4.  Pre-polish & Setting

This step is important in order to make sure that the jewelry is in the right form before the stones are placed and embedded on the metal. It is usually important for jewelry made with stones.

5.  Stone cutting

When the stones are being embedded and placed on the jewelry,  they must be cut and given the perfect shape to finalize and give the final polish to the jewelry. We make sure that the stones or diamonds are fixed perfectly so that they don't come off.

6.  Polish

Finally, the final piece of jewelry is polished and given the last final touch to make it ready for sale and to get delivered.

Can You Trust Maroth Jewels?

Yes, you can absolutely trust the leading jewelry wholesaler in India and the USA. Maroth Jewels is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan - where most of the jewelry wholesalers are based. Anyway, what makes Maroth Jewels stand out of the rest? Their quality and affordability of the jewels.


The Maroth Jewels make sure that their customers are happy with the fine pieces of jewels. That's why all their jewelry is handmade with proper time and effort given to each piece. The initial priority is the customers and their happiness instead of satisfaction with the jewelry pieces.

How To Get Jewelry Manufactured At Maroth Jewels?

You can get exactly what you are looking for in the market at Maroth Jewels because of their excellent team. Not just their jewels but also their customer service is fascinating. How can we say that? Well, their team stays in contact with you until you get the product checked. However, your jewelry order can reach you within 3 steps of the process.

1.  Tell them everything:

Creating customized jewelry requires all the information from you how you want it to be. The metal, the patterns, the design, the type of jewelry, and much more is needed to get the jewelry manufactured of your choice.

2.  Your favorite design:

When you don't give any particular design but directions of how it looks, our artisans design jewelry according to you. We look for your approval before starting to make the jewelry pieces so if any changes are required, they must be told in the second step itself.

3.  Manufacturing the jewels: 

Once you have approved the designs, our craftsmen will get started with their work. At first, they will make your jewelry's prototype so that in case any changes are needed, they can be made to finalize the jewelry.

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Once all these three steps are done, your wholesale jewelry order is delivered to you.

What's More For Any Queries?

For all the general queries regarding payment and return policy, Maroth Jewels have already added the general answers on their website.

1.  Payments

Maroth Jewels make sure that all the transactions and payments made are secure so that no frauds can take place. 

2.  Return policy

There is a 7-day return policy which lets you return any of the defective or non-likable jewels within 7 days from the delivery of the order.

3.  Customer service

As a Maroth Jewels' customer you get 24/7 customer support through whatsapp in case you have any queries or suggestions to tell us about.


We have nothing to conclude except the fact that Maroth Jewels is the best jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer in India. To get your customized jewelry, go through us, just contact us