Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in UK

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in UK

Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in UK

With a wide range of products and services, Maroth Jewels is one of the UK's leading jewelry manufactures specializing in the design and manufacturing of high quality, custom pieces for businesses and independent designers. 

We provide both small and large scale production services, in addition to comprehensive design services. Our company is a jewelry manufacturer promoting start-ups, small brands, SMEs and emerging businesses, who can help you establish your jewelry brand or expand your current product range, with both precious and non-precious metals and gemstones. We have provided support for start ups, small brands, SMEs and emerging businesses throughout the world.

Enduring life lasting Coated Colors

With our help, you can solve the most challenging problem in the jewelry market – providing quality custom jewelry to customers that is attractive to them. The color retention of jewelry is closely linked to its wear resistance, which is determined by the thickness and hardness of its plating layer. After 12 years of continuous hard work and potential, we have set the higher standards in many other countries including the UK in custom jewelry.

Let Your Imagination Fly. Come to Us and Get Your Unique Style NOW

1. Optimize Your Design

In order to make your custom jewelry project a success, you should always turn to a supplier who is aesthetically aware. With our expertise and knowledge of all types of materials, you can trust us to comprehend your design and then modify it to better represent its spirit.

2. Cost Saving

For more than 12 years, we have worked in the jewelry industry, and we understand every single step of jewelry making so that you can save money. With our expert tactics, we can help lower your expenses so you have more profit potential by vetting suppliers, processing, packaging, and logistics.

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3. Keep Everything Sustainable

It's crucial that your brand grows sustainably, and luckily, Maroth Jewels' supply chain and certified facility make your jewelry as environmentally friendly as possible. Nickel and lead free materials, green techniques, and happier workers are guaranteed by the code of conduct of Maroth Jewels.

Get the Strong and Best Support From Maroth Jewels

1. 3D Designing

3D design helps you in visualizing your art of piece

We have a dedicated team of jewelry designers and jewelry molding engineers to listen to your plans and guide you through the design process so that we can come up with the best design for you. Get the best recommendations for materials and structures for optimal protection and visual appeal, from just an idea to engineered design, we bring your custom design to life to suit your business needs, whether you have a small or large business.

2. Material Inspiration

Maroth Jewels helps you in making every design possible to your reach

Rather than restricting your imagination, we are as excited as you are every time we come across a new design. For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive material encyclopedia for you to browse through. 

We offer you the full spectrum of material options, the properties of each material, color charts, and amazing designs that utilize materials you have never seen before. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to share our insights on materials and market trends with you.

3. Gemstone Sourcing

We helps you in choosing the best gemstone

Often, precious and non-precious gemstones provide the base for a jewelry design and we have the tools and expertise to source and cut both precious and non-precious gemstones. In addition, we can provide you with the best recommendation for the stones, depending on your budget and target market.

4. Manufacturing Service

Our expertise, equipment and techniques are here to help you in every condition

As a leading custom jewelry manufacturer, Maroth Jewels has years of experience and top-notch facilities that make it possible to take your jewelry from design to sample. With its years of experience and top-notch facilities, we are your ultimate manufacturer. For a better plating and model-making experience, less gold loss during production, solid assembly, and caring packaging, we continuously strive to improve our manufacturing operations.

5. Identify Brand

Get personal labeling and packaging solution service at one door

You can depend on Maroth Jewels' private label service when you need to launch new products quickly. With our stock of trend-forward designs and models, we ensure fine quality, and we make your brand visible through electroplating, laser welding, finishing, and engraving.

It doesn't matter if you are positioning yourself as a high-end brand attempting to achieve luxury presentation, or if you are targeting eco-conscious groups, we can find you competent one-stop packaging suppliers at an affordable price, no matter what material you need.

Why to Choose Maroth Jewels as Your Custom Jewelry Manufacturers in UK?

As a Jewelry Manufacturer, we strive to provide our clients with a definitive finished product that is truly tasteful and refined, with the use of extensive strategies and applications. We use these strategies applications to enhance almost all types of Fashion Jewelry, even the slightest points of interest, and it is our goal as a Jewelry Manufacturer to provide our clients with a definitive finished product. 

People have used these methods since ancient times in order to choose goods that were made by highly skilled artisans, and these methods have continued to be used ever since. Adding Custom Jewelry can transform a person into a real diva, even a typical hometown young lady can get a whole new look. These jewelries can be worn in accordance with the latest trends in order to give a person a completely new and captivating appearance.

The specialty of Maroth Jewels is assisting you in designing jewelry that fits your style, is within your budget, and adds a level of sentimental value that is indistinguishable from anything you could buy in a store. Because of this, we are here to tell you about the many benefits of custom jewelry designs.

1. Get more value of your product

Custom jewelry design may not always be more expensive than pre-designed brand jewelry for a variety of reasons. When you work with a custom jewelry shop, you work with both the designer and the manufacturer of the product, so it's not always more expensive. The majority of jewelry stores don't manufacture their jewelry pieces themselves; rather, they hire a middleman to manufacture them. 

Thus, store brand jewelers must charge more for their jewelry because they need to go through another step. Furthermore, working with a jeweler can assist you in finding a ring that matches your vision while staying within your budget, allowing you to select metals that are suitable for your lifestyle, along with gems that complement your unique characteristics.

2. Choosing custom jewelry helps you in adding the emotion with the piece of art

If you want to wear jewelry that no one else owns, you can easily add your own personal style and touch to it, no matter what the purpose is. When it comes to creating new jewelry pieces, no matter whether you hope to design an engagement ring or a pair of earrings to be handed down one day, you can easily add your own special style and touch to make them unique, regardless of the purpose.

You can easily design jewelry that is inspired by a meaningful memory or an emotional connection, since you can select everything from the gemstone color to the shape of the piece, so that a piece reflects the memory or connection of the recipient. You are likely to create a strong emotional bond with your loved one as they will know that you have customized the jewelry for them and that you have created it for them.

3. Don’t get that boring pre made pieces, ask for your own touch

You don't typically have influence over the designs you get when you shop at a jewelry store. It is possible to create your own custom jewelry by designing your own piece, in as creative and unique a way as you wish. You have the option of either picking out what you want or leaving empty-handed and discouraged.

4. Become a master of your own creation with Maroth Jewels

Rather than hunting across different stores for the right jewelry, if you would prefer to design your own custom jewelry, you don't have to go shopping for it, even though there are a lot of jewelry shops in town, it can still be challenging to find the right one for you.

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That's why so many people choose to design their own custom jewelry, but the end design is not as creative or customized as it should be. Some stores let you choose the metal you would like to use or add gemstones to your jewelry, but the end result is still not very creative or customized. Nevertheless, Maroth Jewels will provide you with a professional team dedicated to custom jewelry making, and you will be able to work with them on a specific look, color, and feel of the customized piece of jewelry.

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Please get in touch with us and share your ideas if you have personalized jewelry or are searching for a private label jewelry manufacturer. In accordance with your suggestions, we will make and present genuine jewelry.

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