Custom Jewellery Manufacturers in Australia

Aug 26, 2023
Custom Jewellery Manufacturers in Australia

Custom Jewellery Manufacturer in Australia

A piece of jewelry, whether it is 18K gold or diamond, that will make you feel as if you are truly a member of the elite is authentic and individual. Therefore, custom jewelry manufacturers in Australia have come into being in order to meet this need.


If you want to put your own personal spin on existing jewelry designs or create the most sophisticated bling; it's always a great idea to communicate with an experienced manufacturer. 

If you’re also in the jewelry business and looking for the most reliable custom jewelry supplier, then you have landed at the correct place. 

So let’s get started by strengthening your knowledge of what custom jewelry is.

What is Custom Jewelry?

Jewelry that is custom-made is jewelry that is unique to its wearer and is different from jewelry that is mass-produced. Among the various options available, there are the following: 

  • Custom-made jewelry that is tailored to your personal taste
  • This piece is made from specialized gemstones or materials that you have chosen
  • You designed jewelry that is truly unique to your own taste or the taste of your customers

In an era when competition is very volatile and is intensifying day by day, custom jewelry can be the secret to making your business stand out in the market, in a time when business is very competitive.

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Custom jewelry can often be differentiated from mass-produced jewelry by its originality, which may be a major factor in its superiority to mass-produced jewelry. Custom-made jewelry is made to suit each individual's needs, while mass-produced jewelry is made to appeal to a broad range of tastes.


When you work with a custom jewelry manufacturer, you can incorporate your own brand into the jewelry design. Designing your own jewelry allows you to pick the theme, stones, metals, colors, and sizes - all while working closely with the manufacturer. 

Now, let’s learn how custom jewelry is manufactured.

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing Process

Maroth Jewels, recognized as one of the leading custom jewelry manufacturers in Australia, adheres to a transparent process to ensure that the customer is always kept at the forefront of everything that the company does.

1. Consultation

Getting started on your path to creating your own unique pieces of jewelry begins with a consultation with Maroth Jewels. A jewelry piece that is both attractive as well as comfortable to wear will be designed by the manufacturer according to your preferences.

You may select what kind of stone quality you desire, what type of precious metal is used, and other details, depending on your preference. The materials for your idea must be specified, the design needs to be discussed, and the price for your idea must be requested. Once you have discussed your design with the professional, you will be able to get some feedback about how they can provide you with a product that meets your specifications.

2. Developing a 3D Model

Following the communication of your sketch to Maroth Jewels, the next step is to design and model your custom jewelry in 3D and then to have it rendered when the design is complete. We will then show you a photorealistic version of what your final product will look like before we commit to production.

According to the complexity of the project, this process can take anywhere between a day to a week, depending on the project's requirements. Remember that the 3D model is created primarily for the purpose of demonstrating the functionality of the product.

3. Creating a Wax Model

A 3D wax model is an important aspect of the wholesale custom jewelry manufacturing process since it allows you to see exactly how your final piece will look and feel as well as how it will be made to match your specifications. To ensure the quality of the custom jewelry pieces, we create 3D wax models for you so that we can ensure that your design will translate perfectly into the final product and that it will reflect the quality of your custom jewelry pieces.

4. Casting and Finishing

Our experienced jewelers handcraft your custom pieces of jewelry with the utmost craftsmanship through the lost wax casting process. Casting is a process by which metal is poured into wax molds that have been created as replicas of wax replicas, and then molten metal is poured into the molds.

This process uses gold, silver, or platinum for its composition, which results in jewelry pieces that are delicate and intricately detailed, as well as highly durable. Afterward, the metal that has been forged into your jewelry is smoothed out into its desired shape.

5. Putting Jewelry Together

After your wholesale custom jewelry piece has been designed and cast, it moves into the final customization phase of setting the stones and adjusting the aesthetic component. We undertake this stage in order to make sure each piece is precisely made and looks as gorgeous as per your specifications, by meticulously fine-tuning the jewelry structure according to each client's specifications. Before the process of setting begins, if any enameling or additional designs are required, this will be done prior to starting the process of setting.

6. Process of Setting Stones

Following the assembly of the jewelry, the stone setter at a custom jewelry manufacturer finishes the piece by setting a diamond or gem. An experienced professional at Maroth Jewels makes sure each stone is mounted properly to the metal and that it will last for many years to come with the help of a microscope.

7.  Quality Assurance, Polishing, and Finishing

Lastly, a professional polisher will polish and gleam the metal as part of the final stage of the process. Occasionally, engravings are added in a final step, such as the addition of engraved lines. The piece is then examined and each detail on the piece is quality-checked to see if production went smoothly prior to it being sent to the customer.

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Final Take

At Maroth Jewels, we are dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations by providing them with first-class service. The quality of our products and services, our on-time delivery, and our pricing are the most important factors that make our business run smoothly.


The team of Maroth Jewels cares deeply about the quality of every piece of custom jewelry we make, and we value craftsmanship and pride as much as any custom jewelry manufacturer in Australia should. It is our commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers at all times.

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