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About Maroth Jewels Private Limited

Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a custom jewelry manufacturer. We have been in the jewelry manufacturing business since 2010 and since then Maroth Jewels has been successful in building trust among our customers and has established a good place in the jewelry industry.

About Maroth Jewels Private Limited

Who Are We?

History of “Maroth”:-
Maroth Jewels established in 2010. We are an India-based jewelry manufacturing company that loves to work in design, manufacturing, and marketing, focusing on the development and production of jewelry. In particular, we are located in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India.

About Maroth Jewels Private Limited

What We do?

As we mentioned above, we are a jewelry manufacturer. We work with all types of jewelry such as gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and diamond jewelry. We design and manufacture jewelry using different metals.


How We do it?

The professional manufacturing team and jewelry design teams at Maroth Jewels have unique philosophies of product styles, market trends, and craftsmanship.
The independent design team pursues fashion trends globally, while the construction team emphasizes improvement in production technology and craftsmanship.

About Maroth Jewels Private Limited

Our Services and Policies:

About Maroth Jewels Private Limited, we are committed to making every customer “Feel at home” by providing personalized services and fashion, high quality, fair pricing products. We are trying to provide the best service in the world to our customers.

Our Vision

Our Vision and Mission:

Maroth Jewels is a leading Jewelry manufacturer company. We promote handmade Jewelry worldwide. We are committed to make handmade Jewelry and reach it worldwide.

We are Accredited:

We are proud to announce that we are an internationally recognized company. We are recognized by the Government of India. Maroth Jewels Pvt. Ltd. is a registered MSME by Govt. of India. We also have our Trademark recognized by the government. Of India.
This means that Marroth Jewels has been evaluated by the Government of India to ensure that Marroth Jewels manufactures and provides high-quality jewelry.
The jewelry you buy online through Maroth Jewels will be found in the same way as you have seen online.
Our certification is shown below:-



What Employees say about “Maroth Jewels”:-

Maroth Jewels always offer the best working environment for all employees and all company workers together working as a Team and making a helping work environment. We love to hear feedback from our employees.

“Working at Maroth Jewels is really great. Growth is one of the best achievements in this company. Maroth Jewels has been my second home due to the family atmosphere. Working with Maroth Jewels is very comfortable.Fun and exciting work environment having a work-life balance” :- Aashish

“Working in Maroth jewels has been one of the most amazing things I have done. Working in customer relations gives me an opportunity to help clients bring their thoughts to life and I love that Maroth jewels give its employees an opportunity to grow and are always keen to keep them happy with good working conditions. The best part about working here is all the positive feedback we get from our clients.” :- Naff
“Maroth Jewels is the best organisation to work with. Our working Environment is great. No workload at all. Team spirit is also good. Our team always works to enhance employee skills.” :- Poonam
About Maroth Jewels Private Limited
“ Working with Maroth jewels is a great idea for me. The working Environment in Maroth jewels is very friendly. Managers are helpful and they provide support when you need it.” :- Bappa
“The work environment at Maroth Jewels is very good ”. I am enjoying my work at Maroth Jewels. At Maroth Jewels, I get an immense learning experience.” :- Rinki
About Maroth Jewels Private Limited
“Great place to work with. Maroth Jewels helped me gain skills and experience as a CAD designer. I have learned many things in this company. Here I am learning new concepts every day. Working in Maroth Jewels is fun.”
CAD Designing

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