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The Best 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Maroth Jewels Private Limited is a BIS-certified 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer and wholesaler. Incepted in 2011, we have been catering to the Jaipur 925 silver jewelry requirements of clients from diverse parts of the world.

We embrace quality, creativity and commitment to provide impeccable jewelry and services to our jewelry designers, jewelry brands. We always try to provide all jewelry and products that match the customer’s unique and all exclusive specifications.

we make jewelry that is pure and hallmarked jewelry, which creates a unique fashion for our customers, which makes us the best 925 Silver Jewelry manufacturer.

925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer and wholesaler:-

We are the Best 925 Silver Jewelry manufacturer and Wholesaler in the world. Maroth Jewels Manufacture a wide variety of jewelry such as bangles, rings, pendants, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, nose pins, toe rings, and other antique silver jewelry made with absolutely modest perfection.

The perfection and variety of collections of our 925 silver jewelry attract our customers to buy online their favorite 925 silver jewelry at an affordable price.

We always try to fulfill the requirements of our clients which builds a supporting relation between us and our individual client.

Our each and single handmade 925 silver jewelry creates its own beauty and the look of jewelry impresses and attracts our customers.

Simplicity is the best policy we believe. We create the best and sage products which don’t harm the skin of our clients and also clients feel easy in wearing them.

925 Silver Jewelry:

925 Silver jewelry helps in improving our body circulatory system so it has made its own important place in our life. 

We are the best 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer. We give the best quality of 925 silver jewelry which does not contain any harmful metal. We have received a BIS certificate in 925 silver jewelry.

The Promising Team of “Maroth jewels Pvt. Ltd”:

Maroth Jewels  Pvt. Ltd 925 Silver jewelry manufacturers have many multi-talented experts who are very much dedicated to their work of designs, who involve themselves totally in fetching modified fashionable trendy jewelry, which fulfills the requirements of our customer.

Maroth Jewels 925 Silver jewelry manufacturers have all the latest and complete modern professional technique. We encourage and also try to collect different ideas through our sources.More than any other things we respect our users. We try at our level best to distribute our products at pocket friendly cost. We are the best 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in the Jewelry Market.

Manufacturing Process :-

Enquiry :

We enquire about the needs and the latest designs to be manufactured for our customer. We work upon their needs.

Idea share:

Maroth Jewels always share their ideas with their customer and also try to get customers’ ideas and accordingly work together.

CAD design:

Computer Aided Design is done and shown to the customer so that if the customer needs any changes to be done we can do it.

Price Quote:

According to the design and weight and other needy things the price quotation is decided for jewelry.

SAMPLE PRODUCTION of 925 Silver Jewelry :-

Mold making: 

This procedure is done to see that jewelry can be duplicated in future time. This process starts with creating a metal model. Metal models are crafted from cast design which is produced by wax carving.


Here in this process we make a model which is computer aided.


Die are of many types.Here the pattern is manufactured and the process has been started.


Here the jewelry mold is made by a wax pattern process.


In the filing process the shaping and cutting and smoothing of the jewelry is done.


This process helps in giving a shiny and smooth surface to the jewelry.


The process in which the stones or diamonds or other things are set.

Why Only “MAROTH JEWELS PVT. LTD.” as a 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer:-


We try to maintain the capability of high quality jewelry design which creates a trustworthy business between us and our clients.

Time and Track Order:

We and our clients both maintain a close track during the production period. We always keep our clients updated about the stages of products of production.

Custom Delight:

Maroth jewels Pvt. Ltd  jewelry manufacturers always believe that our customers are our partners so we always welcome the ideas and thoughts of our clients. We always work on the choice of each individual client. Our major areas of concern are customer delight and satisfaction.

Our Expert team:

MAROTH JEWELS PVT. LTD. have a highly team of skilled and multi talented designers and artists. We always try our level best to explore fashionable trendy jewelry according to the needs of our jewelry brands and fulfill the requirements of our jewelry designer.


MAROTH JEWELS PVT. LTD. jewelry manufacturers have a completely professional approach. We also try to maintain confidentiality in our business. We do respect ideas and thoughts which walk through our premises.

Above all the features, pricing is our most valuable gesture. We value our customer more than money. We try to supply at an affordable and reasonable cost.

We always wish and try to create and design the best jewelry which implements our professionalism. You can also call as and also we welcome your suggestion and idea.

The one and only wish of MAROTH JEWELS PVT. LTD. is to design and manufacture jewelry according to the wish and taste of clients to satisfy their need in jewelry design and win the heart of clients all over the word.

As we are the 925 Silver Jewelry manufacturer, We welcome your suggestions on our products. You can contact us Via E-mail, Contact Number, Social media, or Our Website.

The Best 925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

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