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14k Gold Diamond Jewelry

Maroth Jewels offer the latest collection of 14k gold diamond jewelry designs at the best prices. Buy 14k gold diamond jewelry from our online digital store. Maroth Jewels have a delightful charm in its jewelry collection that has the potential to make every occasion and every outfit special. Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a jewelry manufacturing company started in 2010 and established a grateful reputation and trust among our customers. As a Jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter we empower the business of jewelry designers, brands, and jewelry shop owners by manufacturing jewelry for them. 

Maroth Jewels specialized in custom jewelry, we are the best custom jewelry manufacturer from India. Custom jewelry is the best-selling jewelry among our customers. You can get reliable quality with genuine 14k gold diamond jewelry from Maroth Jewels. There is a variety in our jewelry collection which includes gold diamond necklaces, gold diamond pendants, gold diamond bangles, gold diamond bracelets, gold diamond rings, gold diamond rings, and more. We work as a private label jewelry manufacturer for our customers. Our customers are those who are planning to start a jewelry business and want to grow their jewelry business in this jewelry industry. As jewelry manufacturers for jewelry brands, we help them grow and stand in front of competitors.

14k Gold Diamond Jewelry: 

14k gold diamond jewelry is an affordable option and looks classier than any other metals. If we apply a diamond in 14k gold it looks stunning and elegant. 14k gold diamond jewelry is an excellent choice for everyone. It has high durability, and also a reasonable price. You can choose a gold color according to your skin tone and your choice. At Maroth Jewels, we have different colors of 14k gold such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. In diamond jewelry, we used pave diamond settings to make jewelry.

You can choose any option of your choice from our wide variety of 14k gold diamond jewelry collections. You can choose a diamond ring, earring, or any yellow gold from any jewelry you like, or you can choose other colors if you want. You can also customize your 14k gold diamond jewelry from Maroth Jewels. You can send us a custom request for a customized option. For customized jewelry, all you have to do is send us a custom request in which you mention your requirement related to metal, weight, size, and gemstone, and we will customize your jewelry for you.

Maroth jewels Pvt Ltd wants to become India’s largest and reliable wholesale 14k gold diamond jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier. At Maroth Jewels, we work on product excellence, honesty, and jewelry quality. Maroth Jewels is a one-stop online platform for all types of jewelry, where you can get access to thousands of designs under one roof. We welcome you to our digital online wholesale store to explore the world of 14k gold diamond jewelry as per your choice. We offer our customers unique and fashionable designs as per the latest trends.

What is 14k Gold ?

Gold is a naturally occurring element that is the most malleable than any other metal. Gold is used to make fine and beautiful jewelry. We used karats to measure the purity of gold. Karat is denoted as “K” or “Kt”. Different karat gold is available in different purity of gold. They are all made from a mixture of pure gold and other metals.

14k gold is a mixture of gold, and other durable metals such as copper, zinc, etc. We can also use rhodium plating, rose gold plating, and any other plating. As we know that pure gold is too soft to make jewelry, so the alloy/mixture makes it hard. At 14k, 58.3% is gold, and the rest of the other metals are mixed. And if we talk about 18k, it has 75% gold, and the rest is other metals. We can make any jewelry from 14k gold like earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. 14k gold is durable as well as beautiful.

Diamond Jewelry:

Being a Diamond Jewelry Manufacturer, We can guide you to access the best diamond look for the following condition:

Diamond’s Certification:

If you are planning to purchase any diamond jewelry then always look for the certification of the diamond. 

Diamond’s Cut:

The cut of a diamond defines the Brightness of the Diamond. The better the cut, the more brilliant the diamonds will be.

Diamond’s Carat:

Carat is used to measure purity of diamonds. It tells the weight and purity of Diamond.

Diamond’s Clarity:

For higher clarity, the amount of perfection in a diamond must be low.

Diamond’s Color:

We can estimate the value of a diamond by its color. If the diamond is white in color and colorless, the value of such a diamond will be the highest.

Diamond’s Shape:

The shape you decide for your diamond jewelry is in your personal preferences. Check out our various jewelry collections to match the personality of the wearer. At Maroth Jewels, we can suggest the most suitable jewelry for you.

14k Gold Diamond Jewelry collection in Maroth Jewels:

Maroth Jewels Pvt Ltd is a worldwide leading manufacturer of 14k gold diamond jewelry. At Maroth Jewels, we have our professional team who can design and manufacture any type of design. The designs of jewelry which are designed by our team are unique and according to the latest trend.

You can visit our online wholesale jewelry store and start shopping for yourself. You can buy any design from anywhere. For the ease of our customers, we have launched an online wholesale jewelry mobile app. As a 14k gold diamond jewelry manufacturer, we provide the best quality jewelry to our customers and strive to meet their demands. We provide wholesale personalized jewelry at affordable prices worldwide.

1) 14k gold diamond Earring

2) 14k gold diamond Ring

3) 14k Gold Diamond Necklace

4) 14k Gold Diamond pendant

5) 14k Gold diamond bangles

6) 14k Gold diamond bracelets

Our Best-selling jewelry products:

All of the above are our best-selling categories in our 14k gold diamond jewelry collection. Maroth Jewels Private Limited has a certified jewelry factory in which we make all types of jewelry. We are a well-known OEM jewelry manufacturer and we are famous for gold plated wholesale jewelry. Our best selling jewelry are: –

1) Carabiner lock Jewelry

2) Charms Holder Jewelry

3) Charm Enhancer Jewelry

4) Personalized jewelry

5) Gemstone Jewelry

6) Gold Plated Jewelry

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